Political Ideas Conveyed within Frost/Nixon.

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Audiences see Frost and Reston, a researcher representing liberal criticism of Nixon’s foreign and domestic policy, using these interviews as a mock trial for Nixon. Nixon’s camp views the interviews as a re-election campaign, a fence-mending expedition, and a path back to the East and the Capital Beltway, which I didn’t realize before watching this film. During the interview process, Frost and Nixon’s interview-prep teams act like campaign advisors and spin doctors. The film reveals a Nixon whose political ambition soothed an ego, who stretched past the judicial limits of executive privilege.
Nixon, who was granted a full pardon by President Ford, discusses his conflicts with the bipartisan Congress and Media and his frustration with the American checks and balances system. The film becomes as much about exploring Nixon’s feeling that what he did was “wrong,” but paradoxically not “wrong” because he did it as president as about the influence of American media as a fourth branch, a watchdog of American democracy and political transparency.As the film opens, Director Howard and Writer Morgan expose viewers to a plethora of media clippings from nightly news programs, presidential interviews, and public events, the formal Watergate hearings, and the voice of the average citizen.

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While these clippings provide background information and certainly provide urgency and interest in this cinematic event, they oversimplify the complex, elongated task of these revelations and the impeachment process. One of the main criticisms of this film deals with the compression of time and boiled down the simplification of the steps and factors culminating in Nixon’s resignation. In a 2009 article, Reston himself commented: “For that televised interview in 1977, four hours of interrogation had been boiled down to 90 minutes.
For the stage and screen, this history has been compressed a great deal more, into something resembling a comedic tragedy” (para. 5). The issues of the historical veracity of almost every step of this screenwriting process and cinematic manipulation have become an ongoing, contentious issue among political journalists and pundits.
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