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Question 3: How and why did the United States become involved in the “War of 1812” against Great Britain? How can we account for American victory in the conflict and what were some of the major outcomes for the fledgling nation?

The war in 1812 arose as a result of the restrictions imposed by the British on the United States trade and the wish of the United States to widen their territories. . It was after the American Revolution that the United States and Great Britain were not in good terms. This then resulted to the United States fighting against Great Britain. Since France was also a rival of Great Britain they offered to help the United States. Americans were caught in the midst of the war between France and Britain and despite proclaiming being neutral in the war; Britain did not accept that the Americans were neutral. Britain made restrictions at sea and forced the American soldiers to join the British Army (Khan Academy, 2019)
The war involved the American sailors and their ships being seized. The Americans were backed by the ‘war hawks†from South Carolina who claimed that the treatment by the British towards the United States was not acceptable. The Unites states Army was quite small, not well equipped and was not organized as was expected. Although their army was small and all the other disparities, they United States still managed to achieve two very important successes defeating the British. The Battle of Thames led to the ending of American Indian resistance. There were peaceful negotiations resulting to the Treaty of Ghent that formally ended the war (Khan Academy, 2019).
According to Foreman (2014), the war of 1812 was termed as the successful “second war marking independence.” To others the war was termed as a new beginning for American freedom because things got better for the United States. It dawned on people and they viewed the United States differently as a nation that was independent. The challenge of the United States expansion of territories on the western side was also resolved after this war.
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