aging and resilience

Although people are better educated and overall much healthier than they were in previous generations (Irving, 2014), the thought of aging may still carry negative connotations. With understanding resilience, knowledge of personality, and the ability to restructure our thinking, this last stage in life can be more representative of a growth in cognitive strengthening. It is incumbent upon us to advocate for intensifying the growth and development of the wide variety of individuals occupying this stage of life in multiple dimensions, to reflect the aspects of resilience they encounter through socialization, greater education, health care, and opportunities.

It is the ability to recover from adversity and thrive within the environment that is noteworthy, as time is a concrete concept and health and mobility issues drive home the aging process and the limitations one may encounter on a daily basis. The ability to conceive of options within challenges helps aging individuals toward a deeper fulfillment.

Based on your readings for this week, how is resilience maintained through the aging process? Name several strategies that apply to this developmental area.

Write a 250-word minimum initial post to this discussion. Include two scholarly resources. Be sure to include relevant, required information, adequate explanations, and alternative viewpoints.


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