answer questions below 101

Go to the Internet and locate the Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) website. Think of a POP problem and investigate what SARA approaches to this problem have been tried by various agencies. What is the impact of CompStat on policing today?
(500 word minimum. no plagiarisim. cite sources)

Imagine that you are a criminal justice administrator and have been assigned to develop and implement a criminal justice entity of your choice (for example, a community-based corrections program). Which Client-Oriented service concepts would you consider in fulfilling this assignment?

(500 word minimum. no plagiarisim. cite sources)

Identify some of the hazards of implementing Client-Oriented service, then take each hazard and discuss how an administrator of a criminal justice entity would overcome that hazard.

(500 word minimum. no plagiarisim. cite sources)


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