applying three theoretical lenses to the book When the Emperor was Divine |

For your midterm you will be applying ALL three theoretical lenses we have learned about so far to When the Emperor was Divine. You will be submitting them through the Turnitin link in a word document.
**Note that you can use either Jungian or Freudian psychoanalysis (or both).
For each theoretical approach, New Criticism/Formalism, Structuralism, and Psychoanalytic Criticism, you will need to do the following:

Tell me what theoretical lens you are using, and in a sentence or two, define what critics using that lens focus on.
You must identify and analyze one concrete aspect of that lens. Include the text and cite it with a page number. For example, if you were using Formalism/New Criticism, this could be identifying a metaphor in the text.
Explain how that aspect adds to the meaning of the text. For example, what does the metaphor add? How does it impact the reader?
You need to write one paragraph (7-10 sentences) per approach.

**You can use the handouts and ONLY the handouts to develop your analysis. You will be graded on the material that I provided and how you apply it to the readings.
Let me know if you need access to the book.


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