Assignment: Literature Review

Assignment: Literature Review

For this part of your Capstone Project, you will complete a literature review of published work on topics related to your project. The purpose of a literature review is to determine what others have learned and said about a particular issue or problem, in order to inform your own work on the problem.

Search the School Library and Internet for articles and other resources relevant to the problem your project is intended to address. Your literature review should include at least 10 research articles from peer-reviewed journals published within the last seven years. You can also include books, reports, and websites if they are relatively recent and published by reputable sources.

Writing strategies to use when completing your literature review include:

· Synthesize what two or more articles have to say about your problem

· Compare and contrast what various articles have to say about your problem

· Critically evaluate the findings from one or more articles in relation to your problem

· Discuss any issues relevant to your problem that have not been addressed by the research you found

Keep in mind that a review of literature is a “ critical look” at the existing research that is germane to the project study you are carrying out. It is not simply a summary of articles. While you need to summarize relevant research, it is also important that you evaluate the work. In short, you cannot just give a concise description of an article. What you must do is select what parts of the research to discuss that relate to your project problem statement. The literature review should help support the rationale behind your plan or proposal.


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