Brickey Electronics Financial Statements accounting project help

Financial Statement Analysis Project
This project is to be used in conjunction with the Brickey Electronics Financial Statements we converted
into excel in class. Completing this assignment in excel is not required, but it is encouraged. Some of
the numbers have been changed in Brickeyâ€s financial statements. The changes are highlighted in red on
the FS Analysis pdf included with the assignment posting. Either use the attached pdf or make the
changes to the Brickey Electronics financial statements you have in Microsoft excel. Refer to chapter 15
for ratios that we may not have covered in class as well as additional information about financial
statement analysis.
Requirement 1
Perform a horizontal analysis of the financial statements, both income statement and balance sheet, for
amount change and percentage change.
Requirement 2
Calculate the following ratios for Brickey Electronics for This Year. Hint: Last yearâ€s ending balance is the
same as this yearâ€s beginning balance when calculating averages.
‐Working capital
‐Current Ratio
‐Accounts receivable turnover
‐Average collection period
‐Inventory turnover
‐Average sale period
‐Operating cycle
‐Total asset turnover
‐Times interest earned
‐Debt‐to‐equity ratio
‐Equity multiplier
‐Net profit margin percentage
‐Return on equity
‐Earnings per share
‐Price‐earnings ratio – Assume a $25 per share market price
‐Dividend yield ratio
Requirement 3
For each Liquidity and Asset Management measure, decide if a higher or lower result is more desirable
and give a brief description of what the measurement represents. Only do this for the Liquidity and
Asset Management measures.

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