BST322 Biomedical Statistic

Question 1 – Analysis of Heart Rate

For fun a medical school professor once made a class of med students jump up and down for 1 minute and then measure their heart rate. Below are the values that were recorded:

136 144 99 145 135 125 115 127 124 101 100 134 130 129 121 123 116 115 126 114 125 125 116 137 152

  1. Using StatCrunch – report back to the class the mean, median, and std deviation for the data by pasting the output into Word and attaching it to your post. Graph the data as a histogram with a fit to a Normal curve and include this in your Word document.
  2. One of the students had a rate of 127 and exclaimed, “I am in better shape than all you people!” Compute a z score to prove them right or wrong.

Download the Excel file labeled for Discussion Question 2, week 1. This is a study of 1,000 inner city males and their levels of depression.


Using StatCrunch construct a Contingency table for the subject’s poverty level (labeled poverty in the data set) based on their working status (labeled worknow in the data set). Your figures should look like figure 4.1 on page 61 of the Polit text. As you did for Discussion question 1, paste the output into Word and attach it to your post.

  1. What does the table show you about poverty and work status?
  2. Is this a surprise?
  • Week1DiscussionQuestion2Data.xls
  • figure.docx
  • 4.1.png

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