Consulting with Healthcare Organizations

Consulting with Healthcare Organizations

Discussion about 500 words, at lease 2 references.

Must have access to:

Lowman, R. L. (2002). The California school of organizational studies handbook of organizational consulting psychology: A comprehensive guide to skills and techniques. San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass.

According to your textbook, health care makes up approximately 15% of the U.S. economy. As such, in your career as an I/O Psychologist, you are likely to be called on to work in or consult with a healthcare organization at some point in time. Yet healthcare organizations differ from other organizations in various ways. To be effective in your work as an I/O Psychologist, you need to understand these differences that pertain to healthcare organizations.

Below is a list of features unique to healthcare organizations, taken from your textbook, Chapter 23, “Consulting with Healthcare Organizations.”

  • Most licensed healthcare providers are loyal to their profession more than to their company
  • There are many different subcultures within one healthcare organization, based on the different professional identities of the healthcare providers
  • Healthcare organizations tend to be conflict-avoidant, preferring to maintain collegiality instead
  • Formal authority does not accomplish results in healthcare organizations; informal influence among peers works better
  • Healthcare organizations tend to be reactive and flourish on crisis
  • Healthcare providers tend to be humanistic and client-centered, focusing on the health and well-being of patients rather than on bottom-lines or company rules

Choose two of the above factors,

Then choose one of the situations below and explain how the 2 factors you chose would affect how you, as a Consulting Psychologist in a healthcare organization, would address this situation(s) during your I/O work.

  • Assessing a candidate for an administrative leadership position
  • Training employees for emotional intelligence in the healthcare organization
  • The ability to use a performance management method, such as Six Sigma, in a healthcare organization
  • The choice of Servant Leadership as a leadership model in a healthcare organization



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