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Project Cost Estimate-Welfare Crisis Project
For this assessment, estimate your project costs for the project for the Welfare Crisis Project, using an Excel spreadsheet.
Be sure to use the following resources as you complete your assessment:

Review the Concept Map (attached below) to see how the project cost estimate fits into the project management life cycle.

Use the Cost Estimate Template (added below as an attachment), which is a simple Excel spreadsheet, to estimate your project costs. Be sure to include all necessary supporting documentation, such as constraints, dependencies, and assumptions.
Complete the following:

Determine project expenditures.
Organize project expenditures by category and priority.
Determine constraints relative to estimating project cost resources.
Analyze the resource constraints and constraint characteristics of the project.
Describe assumptions relative to estimating project cost resources.
Incorporate industry best practices to successfully meet budget plans.

Submit your project cost estimate as an Excel file (Template attached below).
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