Deliverable 3 – Tracking Platforms

You are currently an assistant to the national director of online marketing in the marketing department at Digital Market Makers, a national marketing firm with local offices across the nation.
Next week there is a department meeting scheduled to review the current tracking tools being used, and what impact they have on measurement.
The director, Rowan Jones, has asked you to supplement what they are going to be discussing in the meeting by creating a brief presentation on tracking systems and options that are available.
Select a for-profit company that has a website and sells within multiple states. Ideally, select a company that is small-to-midsized. The company should have no more than 500 employees and the revenue (if known) should be less than $40 million.
Create a presentation for Rowan Jones and the marketing department that includes the following 7 slides:
    Explain what tracking systems are, and why they are vital in digital marketing.
    Define and explain use of key performance indicators.
    Identify where and how tags are used with tracking.
    Review how conversion tracking functions.
    Determine black hat considerations for the company.
    Having a good set of speaker notes for each of your slides helps ensure you cover everything necessary.


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