Design Modern Information System

Please provide all details, UML diagrams, explanation of the steps, actors, entities, interactions… everything that is related to the analysis steps. I am expecting examples from your observation. You can define specific parts of the general problem and to work on them. You will gain points following the complete templates that we have in our textbook and the RMO CASE.

Use your imagination, I am grading your capacity to connect all concepts that we have studied.

If you have access to some statistics, ideas in similar solutions you can use indicating the references.

1. How could you design an information system to support the interaction professor-students in the assignments review in an online education system? Please think how to control risks related for example cheating, wrong marks….

2. Provide a complete description of an information system that you could develop for supporting a more efficient transportation system in your city. Select one problem for example scheduling, managing weather conditions, and group of ages. Think about efficient as doing the best in a time frame.


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