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Thomas-William Paine, (1881鈥1944) was an American artist whose work was featured in several newspapers, magazines, magazines, and among other things, a private collection in New York City.
Early life and education
Thomas-William Paine was born in September 1881 in Jackson, Michigan, and attended the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving his diploma in 1903. He then went on to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Paine was passionate about painting portraits as he was fascinated by people. In 1919, he travelled to New York City with the intentions of visiting his dentist, but he ended up at The Art Institute of Chicago. There he met the art instructor, Nina Rosenbach, and she told him about a live portrait drawing class. She asked him to stay and “pay a shilling per hour.”. In a few years, he became an instructor and taught about 400 students. Between 1923 and 1934, Paine worked as a portrait artist and studied at The Art Institute of Chicago. He lived in the building that once housed it, and he “transferred to the Fine Arts Building and opened his own studio there.”, before he opened a small studio on Milwaukee Avenue. The majority of his work was done in the medium of oils and charcoal.
Themes and Style

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What do you mean “no longer works”?
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Vintage New Age Music in D minor
For a new age chakra balancing for the best experiences, this full-on
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with the delectable voice of Darrel Anderson of the Bach Flower Music
(ah, the simpler times!). If you love to play the Glass Harmonica, please
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If you enjoy this music, you can purchase the MIDI version from Bo
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Voce (Voice)
The Glass Harmonica that brings the thorns (and the flowers!)
Mov茅dia (Voice)
The Glass Harmonica that brings the roses
SilverMusic (Voice)
The Glass Harmonica that brings the rainbows
If you enjoy the music, please support the music artists by purchasing their
Or if you would like to make donations
You can also hear the Glass Harmonica in these other videos
Alfred’s Baroque Christmas
After a very long wait (for others), this video of me playing the Glass Harmonica has finally been put online. During the gap of 7 years, I bought a new wireless transmission to connect the Glass Harmonica and the audio recording equipment, and, finally, I feel inspired to make a video recording.
Prenez Soin
This is a video that illustrates a short piece from the book Art of Manifestation and Enchantment titled The Garment of the Holy Spirit by Swami Abhedananda.
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pdf995 filename.pdf
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Gregorio de la Riva
Gregorio de la Riva (also Gregorio or Gregorio de la Rive) (1621 鈥 April 15, 1690) was a Carlist politician from the Goceano branch of the de la Riva family in Spain. He was the last representative of the dynasty, despite dying of natural causes, at the end of the 1700s.
Gregorio was born in Reus (in the early years, this place was known as Crespillos), region of the Principality of Asturias, Spain, as the son of Diego de la Riva, Marques de Enmedio, 3rd generation descendant of Diego de la Riva, and Francisca de Escobar.
His parentage marked him from early age, with both parents dying when Gregorio was still a child. His maternal grandfather, Isidro Escobar, was the founder of Reus and one of the initiators of the Royal Union with Castile, which was approved by the Cortes of Navarre, after 1512 and accomplished in 1515.
Spanish Civil War and Carlist politics
In 1543, Gregorio was sent to Spain, after the Battle of Atocha (1521) where the Catholic Monarchs Charles V and Francis I of France won their throne back from the Habsburg. However, the Treaty of Zaragoza (1529), which created the Spanish Empire, still kept the crown of Castile and Leon in the hands of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. The young Gregorio de la Riva, who did not claim any kind of noble title, decided to take action in favor of the Castilian side and was the principal figure in the episodes of 1537, 1546 and 1555 in the Spanish Civil War.
Among other events, Gregorio de la Riva was one of the leading members of the Goceano or Crespillos Carlist faction, against the
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