Eco 100 week 8 discussion

Week 8 | Discussion

“Aggregate Demand and Supply”
Please note your children or grandchildren may enjoy and learn from these videos!- especially this mind blowing fascinating video min large container ship for world commerce
Aggregate demand and Supply—These developments will increase aggregate Demand and Supply–Making world supply of goods cheaper for all–technology applied to shipping and air—–
Fascinating for whole family–World’s largest container ship Emma Maersk (and they are now building an even larger one!) – watch as little or as much as you want of this Emma Maersk video-
It was the Maersk ship Maersk Alabama that was highjacked by pirates, and which story was made into movie Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. I do recommend this movie. Trailer for movie

Arctic sea lanes opening to world commerce because of global warming – transportation costs cheaper for shorter routes Putin/Russia plants Russian flag on floor of North Pole claiming it and all its riches for Russia! (like Columbus in the New World!)

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