Economics of Sports Research Paper

TOPIC: Determinants of an NFL QB Salary
The general format of your investigation will follow the framework listed below:
1. INTRODUCTION: A brief introduction, which introduces your sports-related topic, why you chose this topic and what you specifically plan to investigate.
2. RELEVANT LITERATURE REVIEW: This part of your study should focus on the findings of previous researchers as it related to your chosen topic. You will need to fully document and discuss all major economic articles dealing with your topic.
3. ECONOMIC THEORY. This part of the investigation will build upon the literature review and must contain your chosen theoretical model along with all a priori hypotheses regarding the impact of your economic factors.
4. DATA COLLECTION: This section must contain actual data that will be used in your statistical investigation. In addition, each report is to contain a complete list of references to all data sources used in the course of your investigation.
5. EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION: This part of the investigation must include the statistical model and results (obtained by Excel/Megastat or an acceptable substitute). The results section should contain a complete discussion of the OVERALL statistical performance, as well as, the SPECIFIC statistical analysis of your model.
6. SPORTS ECONOMIC POLICY: Once the model has been estimated and it’s statistical validity has been investigated you will use the results to investigate the economics. It is in this section that the following should be completed (i) summary statistics with economic interpretation, (ii) statistical results based on your empirical model with an examination of your hypotheses and their economic meaning. In addition, you should investigate the impact of its modeling and statistical analysis as it relates to specific sports issues.

7. CONCLUSIONS: This final part of the investigation summarizes the major points of your investigation. It is at this point that you may want to point out what future investigations on your topic could do to improve upon what you did.
8. REFERENCES: The reference section must contain a full set of all documentation utilized in the report. You may also want to see the following:…
the basic Chicago-style Guide to citations for more detail on proper referencing format for reference material.

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