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Minimize the functions given for each one of you using Karnaugh maps and upload an archive containing photos of the hand-written minimizations and the files of the corresponding circuits, implemented in Multimedia Logic OR in LogiSIM. Multimedia Logic with Keypad for inputs is the best alternative.
f1=m0+m1+m4+m6+m7+m9+m12+m13+m15      f2=m1+m2+m4+m5+m6+m8+m9+m10+m12+m13+m15      f3=m1+m3+m4+m6+m7+m8+m9+m10+m11+m13+m14+m15      f4=m0+m3+m4+m5+m10+m11+m12+m13+m15      f5=m2+m5+m6+m9+m11+m12+m14      f6=m0+m2+m6+m8+m9+m10+m12+m15      f7=m3+m8+m10+m11+m12+m13      f8=m0+m1+m2+m3+m4+m6+m8+m9+m11+m12+m13+m15      f9=m2+m3+m6+m7+m9+m12+m14+m15      f10=m0+m1+m2+m3+m6+m7+m10+m11+m14

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