emotional intelligence assignment 1

Since the mid 1990s, the topic of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become popular within the business world as a tool to measure a person’s leadership skills. Students are to conduct research on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and write an essay answering the following questions:

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence and define its characteristics?
  2. What are the advantages of using Emotional Intelligence as a tool to measure a person’s leadership skills?
  3. What is your Emotional Intelligence level? Click on the link to take the assessment. Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment (Links to an external site.) Advise your scores for each of the four categories.
  4. What insights did you gain about your approach to leadership. What is your area of greatest strength?
  5. Choose one aspect of your Emotional Intelligence that you could improve. List three things that you can do to develop and improve.

Students are required to submit an essay (750 to 1,250 words, not including abstract or reference page) that answers all questions applying to the assignment. Do not submit as a numbered question and answer or as a bulleted list of data, rather submit a completed written paper in essay form.

It is recommended to conduct Internet and/or library database research prior to writing the essay. Multiple sources will add to the credibility of the paper. Ensure that proper grammar, sentence structure, and material citations are included for maximum point consideration. Neglecting to cite other authors’ original material is plagiarism and will be graded accordingly (see Academic Honesty section in the syllabus). Include a properly-formatted reference page with the assignment. A minimum of two reference sources are required!


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