ENG124 Personal Worldview essay |

Please review this Powerpoint that is attached Labeled as Worldview Powerpoint First and then review the Assignment Requirements
Assignment Instructions:
One way is to explore your current worldview and the experiences, media, people, and creatures who have contributed to it is to write about it. As stated earlier in the module, critical reasoning begins with an assessment of the self—not simply a list of your beliefs and opinions, but an authentic exploration of why you hold them. As E.M. Forster writes: “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” This essay is designed to help you begin (or continue) this critical and vital endeavor, and I am so looking forward to learning more about you!
Based on what you learned in the previous unit, use at least 500 carefully chosen words (two double-spaced typed pages) and no more than 750, to write a short, multi-paragraph essay in which you do each of the following:

briefly introduce and summarize the major tenets (essential beliefs/values) of your worldview concisely and precisely;
select ONE of the major tenets of your worldview that you introduced and illustrate how it affects the way you behave and/or treat others–provide at least one specific example;
still working with the same major tenet from #2, determine the extent to which it is primarily inherited, informed, and/or influx–maybe even a combination of two or all three!
discuss how this major tenet (belief/value) from #2 factors into your ability to be open to different opinions/perspectives.


For completing this essay you will receive the 50 points (that is what is meant by C/NC, but I will assume that what I am reading is your best work,
Essay must be in correct MLA format and style, including a Works Cited page, if a source is used (a source is not required).
Do not number and answer each element of the prompt individually. Your response should be a focussed, cohesive essay with a great title and smooth transitions between paragraphs.
Be sure to respond to all four requirements of the assignment.
Illustrate that you understand the prerequisites for this course, as reviewed in Module 0.
Proofread carefully so that sentence-level errors do not harm the readability of your essay. This will also help me to determine whether you have placed yourself in the course most conducive to your success.
I will review each essay before Friday. Because I want to get you feedback before the first drop deadline, feedback will not be extensive.


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