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 valentines day

“If men within themselves would be governed by reason and not generally give up their understanding to a double tyranny of custom from without and blind affections within, they would discern better what it is to favor and uphold the tyrant of a nation.” – John Milton, The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
Choose an American Custom to question. Historicize this Custom, make an argument for why it should no longer be followed, and provide a practical and detailed revision for a replacement Custom.
In a thesis driven, argumentative essay, argue why your chosen Custom should no longer be followed and how it should be altered to fit into today’s society. Using your own personal research, address this issue in an objective manner without using any personal narrative. As this is an argumentative essay, the goal of your writing should be to persuade your audience to agree with your position.
The purpose of this essay is to convey to your audience why Customs should not be blindly followed. Certain Customs are in effect because they are handed down from generation to generation but do not necessarily apply to today’s societal needs. It is your job to question these Customs and provide a logical argument as to why others should question these Customs as well.
Think about the factors that can influence this topic. Why was this Custom originally established? Why is it still in use today? Will you be able to present counter argument in an effective, non-biased manner? What is the societal, political, or economic impact of your topic? 
·      5 Double Spaced Pages
·      MLA Style with Proper Heading
·      5 Academic Sources (1 Pre-Approved Website)
·      Times New Roman Font
·      12pt Font Size
·      1” Margins
“There are still a lot of things that you are expected to believe and accept in America that I personally have a problem with, and I question a lot of these things.” George Carlin, It’s Bad For Ya
Major Essay Project 3 Grade Sheet
Essay Requirements                                                                             

Revised Thesis Statement
Sufficient Revision
Effective and Logical Argument
Organization and Development
4 Page Minimum
Academic Discourse
Works Cited
Proper Formatting & Submission

Major Essay Project 3 Brainstorming Questions
Questioning the American Custom
1.     Is the Custom something that is prominent in America? It can be something that other countries also do, but it MUST be something done in America.
2.     Do most Americans participate/believe/follow this Custom?
3.     What is the American Custom in details?
4.     When was the American Custom created? 
5.     Who established the American Custom?
6.     Where was the American Custom created? It does not need to have originated in America in order to be considered a modern American Custom. It just needs to currently be an active part of the American lifestyle.
7.     Why was the American Custom created?
8.     How has the American Custom changed from its original meaning to the way it is viewed/enacted in today’s society? 
9.     Why should the American Custom no longer be followed? 
10.  What is one reason that a specific group would argue to KEEP the American Custom as is? What can you use to specifically argue AGAINST this reason?
11.  What should be done instead of this traditional Custom? You can use preexisting ideas to help come up with a revision, but you need to show evidence of advanced critical thinking.
12.  What sources have you consulted? 
If you cannot find answers to these questions regarding a Custom you are considering writing on in your essay, you should consider searching for a new American Custom to discuss.

I also attached a bibliography for the essay, if you want to use it but you don’t have to, also I need to argue  that American’s should no longer celebrate Valentines day
Note, Im international student, my English not that good, so I want the essay very simple  English, for example high school level

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