essay about texas govt class

pick one topic from the three listed above.

Essay, the deadline

May 19th at 5 pm Students should choose ONE topic from the following and write a 4-page essay (with an MLA style Works Cited Page at the end) that addresses the topic completely:

1.African Americans in Texas today have full voting rights. Explain the politic al and legal steps taken by African Americans to achieve this right.

2.Identify the three branches of Texas government and describe their functions. In your essay, please

specify the current leaders of each branch of Texas government. Identify ways in which each branch of

Texas government can exercise a check on each of the other branches.

3.Identify and describe the importance of the functions of political parties in Texas. Describe the

differences between liberals and conservatives. Describe the progression that has led to the dominance of the Republican Party in Texas. In your essay explain

the different political philosophies of the different factions within the Republican Party in Texas

The essay MUST be a minimum of 4 pages, not including the Works Cited page.

Please cite a minimum of 4 reputable sources and include in text citations throughout the essay.

When writing your essay, the header should NOT be half a page in length. I need to see that you have made the effort to write a FULL 4 pages. It’s acceptable to have an essay that’s longer in length, but shorter will result in

points being deducted.


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