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Something the Lord Made
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Something the Lord Made
The main characters in this movie are Vivian Thomas and Alfred Blalock. The time in the film is in the 1930s where there was a racial disparity in the United States of America. The white people were superior while the black people were treated as inferiors. Alfred hires Vivian as his janitor but is soon surprised by the man’s skills. Alfred is a surgeon and intends to research the Blue Baby syndrome. He did not expect the janitor with no education background on medicine to be important in the research. The two men come from a different social circle as the surgeon is educated and has social status, while Vivian, being black is expected to be nothing but a janitor. However, the janitor surprises Alfred by being skillful during the heart surgery, and he praises his skills as “something the Lord made.”
The racial misunderstanding during this time led to Alfred being the only person who takes credit for the success of the surgery. Additionally, when seen in a lab coat, the other black people, who are janitors, are suspicious and envious. They do not understand how someone without a college degree can be useful in a medical lab for research instead of cleaning. Another aspect of racial inequality is the fact that Vivian has to use the back door to access the lab. This is to avoid unpleasantness from other employees, viewing him as inferior. However, the issues do not exist in these two men as they see each other as human beings, not from different races. They put aside the views of everyone else and focus on heart surgery. This turns out as a good thing as their research is saved many children.


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