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Ch 3 & 4 HW

First, complete the Quiz at

Second, watch Susan Cain’s Ted Talk on Introversion ( 

Third, in a 500-750 word essay that addresses the following questions: 

1. Are the results of the self-assessment a surprise to you?  Why or
why not?  Also, how do you use this part of you to its full advantage?

2. In a society where production and results are important, are introverts important?  why or why not?

3. What are the major issues that organizations face when dealing with the differences between introverts and extroverts?

Stress is said to be the leading factor
for many health problems in the United States.  Discuss in terms of the
chapter reading for this week, why Americans are so stressed by their
jobs, and what we can do to eliviate those stressors.  Please give an
example from your own life, if possible.

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