Federalist Speech arguing against the issue Recall

You will need to write a 650 word persuasive speech arguing against the issue Recall, as a FEDERALIST. I will be doing a debate in class with this speech.

Read the materials (Raising the Eleventh Pillar) that I have linked, so you understand how the debate is structured, and how the speech can be appropriate to the debate.

Then carefully review the PRIMARY SOURCE that I have linked below, this source should inform your understanding of the issue, and give you some direct access to the voices from this moment. You do NOT need to quote the source directly, unless there is some really on-point phrase, or super great wording, that catches your eye. Pay attention to what ROBERT LIVINGSTON & ROBERT MORRIS SAY. You do not need to read all 16 pages just skip to the parts of Livingston & Morris

I have also attached a file named “Extra sources for the speech” that you can use to help you do the speech.

The speech should be organized something like this:

– I am here to persuade you to vote against the power of recall

– Explain what the power of recall would do- for example, take power away from voters at election time and likely give undue influence to a few disgruntled people.

Bring home the bigger point: How this will protect all people in the new U.S., and what the larger issue is at stake. Why did we fight this American Revolution, if not protect elections? Use recent history of the American Revolution to help make your point, if you wish.

Tips on how to write the speech: Write in your own words. Write in crisp brief sentences. No room for long-winded complexity here. Keep it straightforward, strong and vivid. You are not a student 2017, but rather an American in 1788 trying to figure out what would be the best government for a weak and fledging nation going forward.

Some info about Recall: Recall, Federalists object to this provision,perhaps more than to any other, because recall is wholly incompatible with independence. The provision applies chiefly to senators, whose term is long enough for state legislatures (the electorate of senators under the new Constitution) to regret their choice and be unwilling to wait the six years (maximum) for a new election. The crux of the problem is this: Antifederalists think that the Senate represents the states, and they therefore think that senators are agents of the states; but the Senate principally is a check upon the House. In order to perform this task, the Senate must be independent, to a degree, of both the people and the states. For Federalists, recall is dangerous, because it lessens the independence of representatives. It would also create instability, if elected representatives could be subjected to recall at any time.

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