Film review

After watching Farewell My Concubine, write and submit Film Review 1.

Your review should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, and font size 12. Start with a 1-page summary the film. Then, go on to specify what cultural representations have been in included in the film and how the cultural images are portrayed. Also include references to concepts from the reading assignment for the week that are relevant to the film. A good example of this would be to cite a cultural phenomenon or historical event you learned about in the reading and explaining how it is referenced or demonstrated on the individual level in the film.

In addition to your analysis, also include your point of view, specifying if you recommend the film and/or would change the ending, and why or why not.

You can read the sample film review posted in the relevant weekly section and the Sample Film Reviews sections of our Blackboard course. When you click on the assignment link, you will also be able to review the rubric for the assignment by clicking on “View Rubric.” Use these as a guide for what your film review should include.

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