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Task 5
As you work towards clearly valuing a company you will need to know something about investments to determine if they are doing well in the market compared to other similar companies. This week you will work with your teammates to review your companies pertinent information about investments, forecasting and elements of capital budgeting.

Read Chapter 10 – The Features of Stock
Read Chapter 11 – Stock Valuatio

Watch the video The Percentage of Sales Method (8:56 min.)

Watch the video on

Play Video(36:04 min.)

As a team consider the two companies you are now evaluating and complete the following actions:( Pick any companies)

Calculate a growth rate for the firm’s revenue for 3-10 years into the future as based upon at least 5 years of previous revenue, along with selecting a perpetual growth rate.

Complete pro formas using the percentage of sales approach.

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