Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis

Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (Links to an external site.) (BEA) website and look at quarterly data from the last few years of the National Accounts.

Also, please visit the following links:

Link 1 (Interactive Data – GDP and Personal Income – Table 1.1.6 – Real GDP, chained dollars) (Links to an external site.)

Link 2 ( (Links to an external site.)Real Potential Gross Domestic Product)

Please review the tables and can you make a decision of what part of the business cycle the U.S. economy is currently in? Why? What factors lead you to this conclusion? You may want to do additional research of sources to reach a conclusion. If so, please identify the sources that added to your analysis.

Post your response and then read and reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Sunday 11:59 pm..

Note: Please also note that you may not be able to view the rubric from the “Canvas App”. It is suggested to view the discussion rubric please access this section from a regular PC or a Mac.


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