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Behavioral influences impact oneâ€s decision-making skills. Knowing yourself and how you come to decisions will determine exactly which forces affect you. The first behavior that represents my decision-making skills is cognitive dissonance. “Cognitive dissonance is a self-doubt a person feels when trying to make a decision. It is sometimes referred to as buyer’s remorse and happens when a person feels uncomfortable about some sort of decision” (James, 2018, pp. 5). I often toy back and forth with many decisions thinking there could be a better solution or product than the current one. I consider myself indecisive because I will weigh every pro and con of each choice and if they seem to balance each other I am even more lost than before because I get anxiety by making the best decision. It can be as simple as what I should get to eat, and if I am trying to save money and eat healthily, my choices are to buy the cheap fast food thatâ€s not good for me but good for my pockets or buy the expensive salad that is good for my body but not spending wisely. I will go back and forth with this decision all day to determine which is a more significant loss.
My next behavioral influence is socioeconomic status. I generally incorporate this behavior when elections are coming up, and I must decide on a candidate based on my social and economic situation. This is important for me because if I do not consider these things, I could be voting for someone who implements policies that will negatively affect me. Both of these behaviors are vital for me when making decisions, although I would like to be a little more decisive with my choices.
James, A. (2018, January 15). Retrieved from decision-making.html

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