intro to journalism journalist biography christiane amanpour

1. Write a 2-4 page, double-spaced paper, describing their personal and professional history. Where were they born? Raised? How did they get interested in journalism? How did they get their start? How did they contribute to the field? What accomplishments were they known for? Quote them directly. Were they mainstream or alternative? Place them in the context of their times.
2. Be sure to use three sources and attribute your material. Attribute all your information within the text of your assignment. You can do one attribution at the end of a paragraph that relies on one source. I expect a Works Cited page at the end – you can use either MLA or APA style (check out the Purdue OWL site). No more than 2 sources can be solely online. Wikipedia is NOT acceptable. Yep, this means a trip to the library.
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