Jealousy and deception themes in othello , Moor of Venice

Jealousy and Deception

Othello is the main character in Othello, which is a Shakespeare literature book. The main focus of Othello is the destruction of love through jealous and betrayal. Othello is the most troubled character in the narrative. He is surrounded by trouble all-through the narrative. Apart from the troubles facing him, he is also emotionally exploited. His weakness makes him succumb to challenges facing him hence leading to his demise. Othello has a beautiful wife but feels insecure due to his low self-esteem. A villain, lago, notices and takes advantage of his insecurities. Lago goes and tells Othello that his wife has cheated on him, insinuating that his wife Desdemona is unfaithful. The person claimed to have cheated with on with is his lieutenant, Casio. The lieutenant’s wife also supports the claims by telling Othello that he found his wife’s handkerchief with Cassio. This scenario displays the jealous that lago and Bianca have. This is part of their major plan to end Othello’s relationship. Besides Othello being a military commander, he is also a moor from Cyprus. He is of a dark complexion. His experience as a slave while youth and the complexion of his skin make him have a different perspective of himself compared to the people surrounding him. In addition to, that he feels that he does not deserve his wife.
Lago perceives Othello’s marriage to be a barrier to the world natural order. Lago’s actions are a betray to Elizabethan, whose aim is to create a homogenous culture. Othello is aware of how his marriage is viewed by others. Therefore, at times he understands why he is receiving all these forms of cheating allegations.
Professionally and personally, Lago is a jealous person. Moreover, he has a disregard for morals. He makes a confession of hating Othello. He is jealous of Othello’s success. He is also bitter toward Othello because he appointed Casio as the lieutenant and not him. Therefore, he promises to avenge.
Desdemona does not believe that his husband can be jealous. He insinuates that the problem might be arising from the normal day to day challenges while on official duty. She is facing difficulties in coming into terms that his husband, whom she thought to be a hero had suddenly turned a mortal being. She is literally deceiving herself by agreeing that her husband was a different person to that she had thought he is. Othello’s marital problems are skyrocketed by Lago.
Another character that is jealous in the play is Emilia. Emilia feeds Othello’s wife with malicious information that Othello maltreatment towards her lately is because of jealousy. To defend his honor, Othello murders his own wife. During the set play. Its expected of the women to be submissive to their men. This attitude is reflected by lago and Othello when they feel just right killing the three women. Lago kills her wife on the allegation of being dishonored by her while Othello kills his wife because of a false cheating allegation. This makes them both look stupid.
From this, we are able to deduce the disadvantages of jealousy as we have seen marriages being broken by lack of trust within the partners. If only Othello would have trusted his wife, and examined the allegations that he used to receive, he would have not committed the mistake that he made. Examining Othello as a character, one will notice that his life entirely dominated with jealous. The jealousness grew out of proportion and he succumbed to it, therefore, destroying him finally.
Okello is easily fooled. This happens to be his major weakness. He does not bother to look for evidence in the information and allegations that he is fed with by Lago. Just as Othello is easily fooled, it’s the same way that lago is very cunning. He comes up with lies that he has fabricates and with just but mere coincidences supporting his allegations. Lago holds back from giving Othello evidence of his wife cheating until he was sure that he had gained Othello trust, which will make him vulnerable to his lies.
During a chat with Lago, Othello is very agitated and one might think that he is about to burst with anger. One might be tempted to think that a fight will develop between the two gentlemen. All this is because of the jealous that is consuming Othello as he is being narrated to the cheating allegations of his wife.
Othello displays how naive he is to deception and social status. To many people, Othello seems innocents. This is because of how he portrayed himself to the society. He is black. In addition to this, he is mysterious. He believes that in every circumstance or situation there is always some force behind it. Okello trusts too much. He does not take time to evaluate and determine the reliability of information that he is given. Othello’s origin acts as a barrier for Othello in understanding the culture and behavior of European women. Lago utilizes this as a weapon which he uses against him.
In the play, Othello has displayed a garden of lies while Lago Is portrayed as the serpent of lies supply. Othello is believing each and every information that lago is feeding him with. Majorly what the literature work trying to teach is to be careful with the information that we are given by our friends before we take the necessary actions. Reacting on information without conducting research and verification of the information can put you at risk of doing things which you will regret

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