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I’m speechless, man. Wish I had been there to see it!
Sorry for the delay – and – WOW – what a treat for me!
You came up with that wonderful concept and carried it off magnificently – both visually and technically!
Great idea, excellent execution and just a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for anyone fortunate enough to be there!
Thanks to all for a great day and so very much for your help, your generosity and your friendship!James Horne
Sir James Horne, 1st Baronet KBE, QC, DL (17 September 1858 – 25 May 1941) was an Irish historian and barrister, and was the first Dean of the Royal College of Science.
LifeHe was born in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, the son of Thomas Horne, later described as “a little farmer on whom Sir William Wilde bestowed the baronetcy, but who died without issue.” His mother was Margaret Delaney. He was educated first in a Protestant secondary school (the Synge Street School) in Dublin, then at the Catholic St. Columba’s School in Drogheda. He received a scholarship to Trinity College Dublin, where he graduated with First-class Honours in 1880. He attended the Inner Temple from 1879 to 1881, and was called to the Bar in 1883. He was described as an “excellent student, with strong influence of Potter.” He received a Master of Arts degree from Trinity in 1887.
In 1887, the first ever exhibition of Irish historical art was held at the Royal Dublin Society, to which Horne was an elected member. In January 1891, he married Margaret McDonough. They lived at Sea Point, Durban, South Africa, where he held the position of Chief Justice’s reader of the Cape Province. Horne had been interested in Irish history since his youth, and became a skilled historian. Between 1908 and 1912, he spent several months of the winter months in Ireland, visiting some hundred towns and villages. He was knighted in the 1910 King’s Birthday Honours “for services to historical research in Ireland” and admitted to the Irish Privy Council on 21 July 1911. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1913.
In the First World War, Horne served as a Temporary Brigadier, Deputy Judge Advocate General and as a Legal Adviser to the General Staff. He was promoted to
It doesn’t matter if its VBS script or batch file, javascript can run server-side as well as client side if needed.This question is too broad, so I’ll refrain from answering.
When I’m pushing a woman to take responsibility for her body, the term ‘whining’ doesn’t even begin to describe how offended I feel.
When I’m talking to a gal about how she’s feeling, and she gets annoyed and calls me a ‘whiner,’ it blows my mind. Because I’m a grown ass adult who’s done everything in their power to take care of themselves, to build their bodies and to figure out what makes them feel healthy and satisfied, and yet they don’t feel like they’re allowed to be upset when things aren’t perfect or they’re tired.
This is not a whining of any kind. This is a grown ass woman, who has the ability to make a choice and the fuck to not eat a bunch of garbage food that makes her feel bad.Q:
Cannot open source code
Can I submit the source code of an app that I have developed for Android Market? I have used Eclipse, ADT and Android Studio to develop this app, and I don’t want to have to submit an apk with the bundle, as this will take me a lot of time.
That’s a problem called permissive access – you haven’t done much to prevent the whole project being available to other people. Add signing (the jar section in the build.gradle file) and you should be fine.If you are worried about this, see this question.
Assessment and manipulation of sensory information is a prominent function of the mammalian nervous system. While the primary sensory processing is quite complex and remains to be fully characterized, it is known that the highest threshold fibers terminate mainly on bipolar and multipolar cells in the dorsal root (DR) ganglia. Few studies have focused on the dynamic events that occur in the DR ganglia following selective destruction of those fibers. This project will examine the mechanisms by which high-threshold primary afferent neurons degenerate in the axotomized DR-olfactory bulb (OB) system. Several new markers have recently become available to identify the various types of sensory neurons in the DR ganglia. One new project area will

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