Learning opportunities in the past and present

Pre-work Activity – Your Educational Story
In order to understand the kinds of learning opportunities you had or didn’t have, and how they have affected your journey, you first need to compose your story.
It is important to understand the learning opportunities you have had in the past and have now. Many times you may have missed out on opportunities because you did not have the resources you needed or were not aware of your own strengths. Teachers, parents, friends, or fellow students may have helped you along the way. They, too, are important parts of your educational journey. Writing your educational story will help you identify the learning opportunities you had or did not have and how they have affected your journey.
It may be helpful to think about the following points while writing your educational story:

Learning opportunities in the past and present
Educational challenges you have faced
How you overcame the educational challenges
Who helped you overcome the educational challenges
Missed opportunities, if any

Write your educational story (suggested length of 1–2 pages), in which you do the following:

Reflect on the educational challenges you have faced in your learning opportunities.
Discuss what you did or plan to do in order to overcome those challenges.

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