Microsoft Access / Computer / IDS

Microsoft Access / Computer / IDS

IDS 200
Summer 2019

Assignment 1
Due Friday 6/28/2019

24 points

In order to receive full credit, this assignment must be submitted by Friday, June 28th at 11:59pm. Submitting your assignment early is recommended. Late submissions will be accepted (but penalized 6pts) up to one week after the submission deadline. After that, assignments will not be accepted.

You must design a database file with tables & fields, relationships, and queries:

1) Tables: Fields (highlighting: keys in yellow, foreign keys in blue, both key & foreign key in green)

· Vendor: Id (AutoNumber), Name (short text, field size 40), StreetAddress (short text, field size 30), ZipCode (Number with 00000 input mask)

· SalesRep: Id (Number), LastName (short text, field size 20), FirstName(short text, field size 15), Vendor (Number), PrimaryPhone (short text), SecondaryPhone (short text)

· Buyer: Id (Number), LastName(short text, field size 20), FirstName(short text, field size 15), PrimaryPhone (short text), SecondaryPhone (short text),

· Item: Code (Number with 000000 input mask), Name (short text, field size 30), Vendor (Number), UnitPrice (Number)

· Transaction: InvoiceNumber (AutoNumber), Vendor (Number), SalesRep (Number), Buyer (Number), Date (Date/Time, format: short date), Amount (Number), Received (yes/no, default value: no), Paid (yes/no, default value: no). For the yes/no options, the default checkbox style is acceptable

· TransactionElement: Item (Number with 000000 input mask),InvoiceNumber (Number), Quantity (Number), Amount (Number)

2) Relationships: Link all foreign key fields to their original tables

· SalesRep.Vendor, Item.Vendor, and Transaction.Vendor to Vendor.Id

· Transaction.SalesRep to SalesRep.Id

· Transaction.Buyer to Buyer.Id

· TransactionElement.InvoiceNumber to Transaction.InvoiceNumber

3) Queries (for some, you will need to add multiple tables to your query design):

· Select all Vendors where Vendor.ZipCode = 60101

· Select all TransactionElements where Vendor.Id = 2345

· Select all Transactions from August 2018 that have been paid

· Select all Items where Item.Code is less than 1000

· Select all SalesReps where SalesRep.Vendor = 1122 and SalesRep.LastName = “Berry”

· Select all Buyers where LastName = “Chang” and FirstName = “Robert”

· Select all Transactions from May 2019 where the SalesRep was named Kelly Jackson and the Buyer was named Juan Ortiz

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