. Nursing Reflective Assignment

Nursing Reflective Assignment
Order Description To do this assignment you should follow Gibbs reflective cycle which you can find it here:
Bowden, S.D. (2003). Enhancing your professional nursing practice through critical reflection, Abu Dhabi Nurse, Summer, 28-31.
I had a simulation lab session last week, it was about a patient coming to the room and the nurse asks her some questions related to her situation and her nutrition status. All of assignment should be written about that focus area (Nutrition) as I was an observer in that situation. So I should write a description, my feeling, evaluation (what was good and bad?), conclusion (what would be done? Must be based on at least 4 references) and action plan (What I would do? What I have learnt?)
this approach for large-scale management of CO2 generated by human activity, including the current status in USA, the technical aspects and the related costs, as well as the impact on the environment and ecology. Formulate a position in favor of, or in opposition to, the deployment of such technology. Write a report on this issue. The report should cite at least three references, must be typed in single space, times new roman font, 11 point, no shorter than one page.
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