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The Monstrous Character of Merricat
The monstrous character of Merricat has been contributed to by villagers, her sister Constance as well as the Blackwood family. However, the largest contributors of this character can be said to be the Blackwood family. The monstrous character is seen in Merricat when she is sent to bed without her supper by her family the Blackwood. This made her develop a feeling that the family members did not like her and she was not part of the family either. At 12 years the family should not send a child to bed without food. It is not that the family was poor, but they were punishing the child. Merricat, therefore, decided to put arsenic which is poison in the sugar bowl at night to punish them as well. The monstrous character did not even bother neither did she feel guilty, but she could laugh when her uncle Julian was talking about the incidence.
Additionally, Constance has as well contributed to the monstrous character of Merricat by failing to testify and admitting that Merricat committed the crime. Constance becomes silent about the issue since she knows no one will suspect her younger sister. Constance also admits to the authorities that her family deserved to die and this shows Merricat that she does not feature in the murder suspect list. Furthermore, the monstrous character in Merricat is also contributed to by the villagers. The villagers are of the opinion that Constance should be given harsh punishment for the murder case and this angers Merricat even more. The villagers destroyed their properties demanding that they leave and never come back they do not want to live near murderers. Merricat tries to protect the property by engaging in witchcraft and burying objects in the property to hinder outsiders who are the villagers from coming in. Therefore the three has largely contributed to the monstrous characters of Merricat.



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