Discuss relationship conflict.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses relationship conflict. . Though my brother is one grade before me, we are always together, and our love for football brings us closer. However, though we are both fans of the Spanish la Liga, we support different teams, with my brother supporting Barcelona while I ardently support Real Madrid. However, though we have managed to solve these disagreements over time, on many occasions, we seriously cross lines and conflict on issues relating to this game and especially these two teams. Indeed, when the two teams meet in what is usually called the El Classico, our conflicting levels supersede, and the results have never been pleasant. The situation gets worse by the emergence of high-class players (Ronaldo and Messi) and their respective team managers who have never agreed.
In one such event, my brother and I attended the El Classico last year, and the situation was terrible. Temperatures were rising by the minute as the game started. It was a crucial game as it was a show of supremacy in Spain. The players were at their best. the managers run all over shouting instructions to the players as the opposing fans screaming their hearts out in support of their teams. Only the referee assumed impartiality. However, the issue of refereeing has been our source of conflict in these matches. While my brother thought and believed that the referees have always been fair, others and I felt that FIFA referees accord favoritism to Barcelona against Real Madrid. This day was not different according to me. Two of Real Madrid players were red carded in what the referee called foul play. The manager also got a warning, and Barcelona went all the way to win 3-1 in what my brother celebrated as a well-deserved win and a show of soccer supremacy in Spain. I was so frustrated with the referee, the results, and mostly by my brother, who would not see the injustice done to Real Madrid by the referee. My brother’s efforts to accommodate and convince me that the game was fair and that Barcelona deserved to win were met with abuses and demeaning statements. In the run of events, I remember cursing him to foolishness and subsequently slapping him. I could not afford to go home with him, as he would disagree with my views on the game. I was aggressive while he was accommodating in conflict.
His conflict style and my conflict style are not easily compatible. My brother has always demonstrated maturity and logic whenever we conflict. Actually, maybe that is what has kept us close because I have always pushed him to join my opinion camp.
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