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My Socialization Paper and Zine Project (3 pages) (10% of grade) (due Tue Week 6): Write a narrative analysis that explains your own development as a social human being; research and study your ‘self’ in this paper. Come up with a title that captures the gist of your overall life story. The goal of the paper is to have you critically and fully weave together and apply the appropriate sociological concepts we covered in our readings to your personal experience during childhood and as an adult who is growing in knowledge and understanding of society and their own life’s purpose or contribution to society. Thus, the topic is: How did you become who you are and how are you currently becoming the kind of ‘self’ and ‘social identity’ you want to be? What social institutions acted as ‘agents of socialization’ shaping who you were back then and which are shaping you now? Explain how they are shaping you.
Your paper should include all of the following sections for consideration of full credit:

Define ‘the sociological imagination’ according to C.Wright Mill’s writing. Cite this source. Then, analyze your childhood sociologically considering your personal experience within the (macro-level) socio-historical times you grew up in. What games and toys did you play with? How did these particular toys relate to major political events, values and ideologies of your time period in history? How did you think of yourself as a social being, as an individual? How much power, privilege, and agency (or power the power to act in your own interests) did you feel you had when you were a child? How do you feel about this now at your current age? Explain using example anecdotes from your childhood.
Consider your friends and family roles. What role does socialization play in your forming of your multiple statuses and the responsibilities tied to your ‘role set’ (Links to an external site.)? Were there ever ‘role conflicts’ and ‘role strain’ between your different changing roles growing up? Define these concepts using your textbook. How do changing norms and values impact how you relate to your family and friends?

Week #6: Turn in CORNELL NOTEBOOK in class: Check One: 10% (7:30am section due: Monday; 8:30am section due Wednesday” aria-describedby=”msf0-previous-desc”>PreviousNext
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