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a summary of 300-400 words answering these questions

Why is it important to articulate your Personal Philosophy of Nursing?What is the relationship between your Personal Philosophy of Nursing and your professional practice? What theories of nursing have you studied? Does your nursing practice follow any particular theorist(s)? Explain.

also a paper following the guidelines attached.Tags: nursingphilosphy of nursingICU nursen3345_module_1__assignment.docxn3345_module_2_philosophy_of_nursing_assignment_1___1_.docx

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N3345 Transition to Professional Nursing Module 1 Assignment: APA, Plagiarism, & Role Transition Articles Submit by 2359 (CT) Saturday at the end of Module 1. Name Dona Robert 08/15/17 Date: Overview: “APA, Plagiarism, & Role Transition Articles” In the Module 1 Assignment, you will view an APA Module to obtain information about writing in a professional style and in professional formats that are expected at the BSN level of the College of Nursing. After viewing the APA Module, you will submit an Attestation Statement Form. The reference on Scholarly Writing in your Resources will also provide tips on strengthening your professional writing skills. As part of scholarly writing, you must ensure proper citation for others’ work, including both direct quotations and paraphrased ideas, so you will study a Plagiarism Module 


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