please answer these three qustions based on the cases belwo


Note: You are strongly advised to submit your work for this second individual project by the recommended due date highlighted below. Although work submitted after this due date will NOT be subject to a late penalty, any submissions made after 11:55 pm on Thursday, May 14 will simply not be graded, and automatically earn a grade of ‘F.’ NO EXCEPTIONS!

Recommended Due Date: 3/29/2020

Submission Information: Compile all of your answers into a single Microsoft Word document, and submit that document here as one attachment. Submissions in other formats (including pdf) are not acceptable.

Grading Information: If accepted, your submission for this project will be graded per the Rubric for Individual Projects.

Answer the questions below in the context of each of the following five cases (all pdf files) of real-world business information systems.

  • Sport Analytics: Using Open Source Logistic Regression Software to Classify Upcoming Play Type in the NFL
  • Project ECHO: Expanding the Capacity of Primary Care Providers to Address Complex Conditions
  • The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Firms’ High Value Business Performance
  • System Dynamics for Corporate Business Model Innovation
  • A decision support system for improved resource planning and truck routing at logistics nodes


  1. The information systems described in these articles don’t really fall neatly into a single IS category such as TPS, MIS, DSS, ESS, ERP, SCM, CRM, KMS, collaboration environments, GIS, GDSS, etc. Rather, most seem to possess functionalities from more than one category. Identify and discuss the multiplicity of these categories for each system.
    (As a hypothetical example, one particular article may describe a system that primarily appears to be a DSS for mid-to-upper-level managers working in finance and accounting, with other functionalities that resemble an MIS designed for lower-to-mid-level managers in sales and marketing. Your answer will need more elaboration and discussion, of course.)
  2. Each system assists its respective users with decision-making in their work environments. In what stage(s) of their decision-making (Figure 12-2 in the textbook) does it provide them with assistance — intelligence stage, design stage, choice stage, and/or implementation stage? Discuss and justify your answer.
    (Address how each completed, implemented system is proving useful, not the process by which it was conceived and acquired/built.)
  3. Each system is probably interconnected/linked to other information systems in its organization. Although the articles themselves do not address this aspect, from your understanding of organizations, business processes, and systems, describe some possible/likely examples of such interconnections for each system. Explain your reasoning, while explicitly stating any assumptions.

Also i attached to you the cases that you would need to answer these questions.


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