Project Proposal And Plan (1000 Words)


You are required to prepare for this Assessment Item by:

READING the Subject outline,

COMPLETING Topic 2 Project Planning

BUILDING your PLAN up from the Project Title and Abstract in Assessment Task 1


Follow the Study Schedule and work with the Topics in Interact as they provide a “scaffold” for your learning in this subject.

Develop a detailed Capstone Project Proposal and Plan using project management software (as listed in the Study Schedule) and the skills you have acquired from IT Project Management to develop a project plan with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), milestones and Gantt chart. These tools may help.

MicrosoftProject Pro (;

Open source tools like GanttProject (;


OpenProject (

ProjectLibre (

Begin using the ‘project blog’ as a tool beyond the weekly progress reportsfor your chosen emerging technology topic:

The blog helps you to “think by writing” and also store your notes, project files and links in a cloud-based service.

Consider sharing the site with your peers as a way to tell a story and harness each other’s knowledge.

The blog is ideally updated each week with 3 or 4 entries for documenting your project notes and as the foundation for editing and writing the Capstone Project Report. An ideal blog entry will have around 50-150 words (150-600 words a week).


Project Plan Sample Format

(subject to change or modified to include systems development projects)

Title: Emerging Technology and Innovation Topic

Project Blog ( Web address provided)

Weekly Progress Reports Plan (In class, Discussion Board or Project Blog entries)


Problem domain

Purpose and justification

Supervisor Approval

Research Questions

Conceptual or Theoretical Framework


Analysis of sources of information (EndNote, APA Referencing Style)

Research method(s)

Data collection or systems design methods

Ethical Issues

Compliance Requirements (Workplace, Industry or Government regulations)

Project Plan

Deliverables (Annotated Bibliography, Journal Paper, Report, Seminar)

Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Risk Analysis


Gantt chart

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