Report for: Synthesis Of An Azo Dye For The Dyeing Of Materials

the report is typed report for this experiment should follow the following guidelines:
1. The entire report should be typed with 1.5 line spacing, including reaction schemes for the reactions, sample calculations, and organic chemical structures.
a. Learn how to make subscripts and superscripts with your word processing program.
b. Learn to use MarvinSketch. The synthesis scheme(s) MUST be your own work. Do not share a scheme with someone else. You should install the program on your personal computer by Downloading Marvin Beans at: If this isn’t possible, the software is available on a few computers in the chemistry department.
c. The font size should be 12, and the pages should have 1” margins.
2. The title page should show the title of the experiment, your name and lab section, the names of your partners, the dates the experiment was conducted, and the course name and number.
3. The pages should be numbered starting on page 2. The numbers should appear at the top right or the bottom center of the page.
4. Be sure to use correct grammar, including complete sentences. Use a “neutral voice”: avoid the first person, except when very awkward. Since you will be discussing an experiment you have already done, all narrative should be in the past tense.
5. Always use your own words! Do NOT work on this report with your partners or any other classmate. Likewise, do not copy material out of the laboratory manual or any other source.
6. Use appropriate headings to separate the sections of the report. The separate sections should include the following:
A brief statement about the experiment. Provide an introduction to dyes. Describe the reaction sequence in words (but remember this is not the place for the procedure), and then give complete balanced equation(s) for all reactions which occur, using your own compounds as the starting compound. Be sure to use a chemical drawing program NOT molecular formulas. Be sure your introduction is a fluid introduction to your experiment.
Present the complete procedure YOU used in the synthesis of your azo dye and the following analysis and applications. Include observations and also discuss any problems you encountered. This should be in paragraph format NOT an outline.
Results and Conclusions:
Use boxed, clearly-labeled tables with grid-lines to present all of the results of your synthesis and the data obtained. Be sure to include appearance of the product, appearance of your dyed cloth (picture would be ideal), appearance of your dyed (hopefully) crystals, and the absorption maximums for each solution. Include all of your group’s UV-Vis spectra, a picture or scan of your fabric, and a picture or scan of your crystals in the body of your text. Treat these images as figures in your text. Then provide a brief discussion of your results. Be sure to include a discussion of the correlation between fabric results and the chemical nature of each fabric. Be sure to discuss your acid-base results and their relationship to the suspected structure of your dye. Also, incorporate the acid-base properties of your dye into the discussion of fabric results. Finally, discuss what colors the acidic and basic forms of your dye absorb?
References should follow the format: Author, Title of publication, Publisher, Date, Page numbers For denoting specific references (for example, a passage being quoted), use a superscript or number in parentheses after the particular passage, and then number your references accordingly and in sequence at the end of the report. List all sources, including the lab text.


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