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Technology has had a big impact in my professional and personal life which I am encouraged daily to take advantage of the newest programming or gadget to help make my life easier and more proficient.  Since I have been back in school, I have been introduced to DocuSign, which allows you to sign important documents on the spot and send them back to the respective parties immediately.  I use my laptop and ipad constantly for school assignments, church projects, school projects, downloading music, some work related projects as well as a personal entertainment tool.  iCloud has changed my life in a way where I can backup important information such as pictures, music, etc.

Technology has changed human existence by extending life spans, improving communication, simplifying manufacturing and improving transportation (Nickson, 2016).  As I look at technology in the professional lifestyle, I assemble documents and reports on computers, use them for Powerpoint presentations, take laptops and ipad/tablets on the road so that I can have access to information and most of my communications are by emails and texting to where now I can use Snapchat, Skype, FaceTime and a new app called Marco Polo.

As a business manager, I would apply the technologies by storing data that is needed for day-to-day operations.  Use the technologies for marketing purposes to set up a Web page for the company so that clients will have access to the service that the company provide as well as potential employees.  A marketing tool that uses information technology is the Quick Response (QR) that looks like a bar code but is square (Richard, n.d.).  I would also use the technologies to communicate with employees and clients.  Communication by email is faster and costs less than sending a paper letter in the mail as well as saving the environment.  Information technology allows me to organize email file folders by client or by type of communication.


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In my current job as a Career Coordinator for Job Corps, the two most important business information systems used in my organization are Human Resource Management and Center information System (CIS).  The Human Resource Management is used to allow easy attendance being kept, vacation and short-term absence time is accumulated and used, maximize employees’ performance, focuses on policies and systems, employee benefits and employee recruitment training and development.  The Center Information System (CIS) is used to track students’ progress in the program, performances of the program, attendance and students’ payroll.   It promotes cooperation and interchange between national, regional and corporate offices.

One example of how the Human Resource Management and Center Information System (CIS) is affecting the organization is by taking employment actions for employees and students.  This process must be fair and objective to assure the best results and shield the organization and students from legal repercussions (Marshall, n.d.).  Another example is development and training.  The HRM system is affective in development and training by providing employees with ongoing training to keep pace with ever-evolving legal, regulatory and technological landscapes.  The CIS system is affective because it develop and train the students as well as the organization to keep up with the progress and services that it takes to make the organization successful in its mission goal.  The individual behaviors are changing in ways that could better the organization.  Employees and students changed their behaviors in a positive way as to abiding by the HRM system and using the CIS system to improve the services.

I have learned that the importance of business information systems is gained by processing the data from company inputs to generate information that is useful for managing operations.  It comprises the analysis and organization of business information through the application of technology.  Managers need to understand how systems can be used to the organizations advantage because information systems enables a number of business initiatives, such as business process re-engineering, total quality management, global expansion and even downsizing.  Also to understand information system so that dollars are not wasted on automating ineffective processes.


Marshall, D. (n.d.).  How Does Human Resource Management Affect the Success of a Health Care Organization? Chron.  Retrieved from

Week 1 Discussion 1


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Shared Practice—How Technology Changes How We Live and Work

Digital technology seems ubiquitous, touching nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Its rapid evolution continues to significantly affect how people live and work, and how they communicate with one another, within increasingly diverse, complex social networks. And the information lifecycle today moves much faster than it did 30, 20, even 10 years ago. Just as we adopt a new device or learn a new piece of software, the next best and greatest innovation comes along that renders our new tool or toy obsolete.

By Day 3

Post your insights about how information and information technology have changed your daily life, both professionally and personally. Focus on the technologies that have helped you increase your effectiveness at work and in business, and how you might apply these technologies as a business manager.

General Guidance: Your initial Shared Practice Discussion post, due by Day 3, will typically be 2–3 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate. Refer to the rubric for the Week 1 Shared Practice Discussion for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.

By Day 5

Respond to two of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

  • Explore additional ways that the technology experiences of your colleagues might impact you or change your practices.
  • Share with your colleague ideas for how they might adopt other technologies to enable them to further improve their effectiveness as business managers.
  • Compare your colleague’s experience with your own, and share additional insights you gained.

General Guidance: Your Shared Practice Discussion responses, due by Day 5, will each typically be 1–2 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate. Refer to the rubric for the Week 1 Shared Practice Discussion for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.

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