Sort The Below Dictionary

Sort the below dictionary/array key using Javascript and output the information in key:value format on a Polymer interface. The entire numeric key should be sorted in an ascending order and all the alpha keys should be sorted in ascii, ascending order.

Dictionary = {„34‟: ‟thirty-four‟, „90‟: „ninety‟, „91‟: „ninety-one‟„21‟: „twenty-one‟, „61‟: „sixty-one‟, „9‟: „nine‟, „2‟: „two‟, „6‟: „six‟, „3‟: „three‟, „8‟: „eight‟, „80‟: „eighty‟, „81‟: „eighty-one‟, „Ninety-Nine‟: ‟99‟, „nine-hundred‟: „900‟,}


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