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For each questions, you need to write a short paragraphs (150-200 words) to answer. I post the slides that might help you to understand more about questions. But you do not have to read all the slides. Thank you.
1.How do gender roles and stereotypes contribute to the uneven distribution of housework in most families? How is it in your family? Do you think your family could improve the distribution to be more fair? (chapter 9)
2. In what ways do we, as Americans, practice conspicuous consumption? Do you practice it? Can we help it? What social factors encourage us to do so? (chapter 11)
3.Let’s be frank. The information about female circumcision makes us nauseous. But how many of you had EVER even heard of such a procedure before? Why would a culture (including the women) promote such a procedure? (chapter 12)
4. Much of our focus on the elderly is on how to be healthier (exercise and food) and how to figure out how to live longer. Students in this class are quite young.

How do you approach it?
Give it your best estimate, how long do you think you’ll live?
Do you know many older people? Are you an older person? (I’m not too far).
How are your relationships with older folks?
Do you see a benefit in these relationships? (chapter 12)


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