summarize the following scientific literature 1

do not copy from the paper and use your own words!!! Summarize it using your own words!
i need minimum 600 words for the summary. include all the requirements below!
plagiarism is not allowed. should use own words

Read the paper from the primary scientific literature assigned to your lab section. Write a few paragraphs summarizing the paper. Write in full sentences with attention to spelling, grammar, and good writing style. Write the summary in your own words; do not copy and paste from the paper or use quotes. Be sure to include the following in your paragraph.

Background information (4 pts.)
The authors’ purpose/goal/question (4 pts.)
Brief methodology (4 pts.)
Results of the study (4 pts.)
Conclusions (4 pts.)

Do not copy from the paper or the internet or it will nbe considered plagiarism.
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