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Select a local business owner or manager and conduct a personal on-sight interview to gain insight into the challenges, risks, and rewards for owning a small business Section 1: Completely describe the business you chose as your subject for this option including the size, employees and management organization, facilities and equipment, target markets, products and services provided, time in business, and region served. Section 2: Formulate and include in your essay the specific (open-ended) questions you will use to gain insight into the small business you have chosen for this project. Under each question, include a summary of the responses from the interviewee. Be sure to include the following in your interview questions: (a) business strategies for growth; (b) risks to the business; (b) competition environment; (c) options for growth, interests in expansion through new product or service offerings; (d) outside services employed; (e) employee hiring, retention, and training challenges; and any other factors important to the long-term viability of the business. Section 3: Investigate and discuss the legal, social, and ethical issues involved with owning a small business of this type. Section 4: Summarize your insights into owning and operating a small business of this type and in owning a small business general.

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