Supplier Stakeholder Ethics

These are discussion questions not PAPERS!!!! I need 2 paragraphs for each discussion question 200 words in each paragraph. There willl be a total of 4 paragraphs.

Week 4 discussion I need 2 paragraphs 

Supplier Stakeholder Ethics

An integral part of Walmart’s operational efficiency is its ability to partner with suppliers in order to purchase merchandise and reduce costs of packaging and shipping. Review the Walmart Case Study in our text book (pages 408-409) and identify at least 2 issues that may negatively impact relationships with supplier stakeholders. Be specific.

Week 5 discussion I need 2 paragraphs

Interpreting Ethics Concerns

Review Case 6 in the text book on ethics and compliance at the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Despite the NCAA’s wide array of rules and regulations, there have still been many criticisms of their practices. Identify and discuss at least 3 criticisms of the NCAA that can be interpreted as possible ethics concerns.

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