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READ BOTH Genesis 34 from the bible AND Carolyn Blyth, “Terrible Silence, Eternal Silence: A Feminist Re-reading of Dinah’s Voicelessness in Genesis 34
You can access bible through https://bible.oremus.org/)

The reading article is attached
The only reference should be the attached only
This homework assignment will help ensure a dynamic classroom experience, and it will aid in progress on the course learning outcomes:

Understand key questions and issues with respect to the application of the Bible to modern justice issues
Critically analyze ways in which the Bible has, is, or could be used to address modern injustices
Recognize the complexity in any attempt to apply ancient biblical texts to justice concerns in the modern world
Think critically about one’s own fundamental views with respect to the Bible and contemporary justice issues

Include the following

Identify the main ideas of the assigned reading.
Identify two things you found interesting and want to discuss in class.
Identify at least one question you have upon completion of the reading. This should not be a “google question” (i.e., What are “Euroamericans”?). (You may include more than one question.)

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