The crucible

The Crucible
Arthur Miller portrays the Puritans in 1692 as close-minded individuals who were modest and did not enjoy life. These people spent most of their time focused on their religion, which led to them living a constricted lifestyle. The snobbery of the Puritans made them believe that it was better to take the land of the heathens instead of the Christians. Religion was a huge part of their lives, and they were obsessed with cleansing Salem. These people go ahead and carry out persecutions as a way to ensure that the deceitful ways of the world did not corrupt their New Jerusalem. Miller expresses the way that the Puritans refused to look at religion from a different point of view. They believed that their way was the best and this led to the execution women thought to be witches. The Puritans were so arrogant that they believed Salem was the heart of all evil hence not a place for God’s presence. They were not willing to be open-minded about their beliefs as they viewed America as a place full of darkness and mystery. For this reason, they chose to view the place as a threat in need of cleansing.
Miller incorporates the events in the play with his society in the 1950s. He wants to show the wrongful conviction in the judicial system. This is a time where racial discrimination led to the wrongful accusations of innocent people. Miller sees the Congress as arrogant people because they support the improper judicial system. They are supposed to be fighting for equality, but instead, they support innocent people paying for crimes they did not commit. Consequently, the use of the Salem tragedy is an excellent example of the arrogance in the judicial system. Many innocent women lost their lives over false accusations. The Puritans did not listen to the women’s side of the story because they are obsessed with cleansing the evil forest. This is the same issue with the Congress in the 1950s. They had constricted perspectives that were focused on the matters comfortable to them. These were times where people fought against injustice and inequality, but the Congress refused to back their claims. They refused to look at things from the people’s point of view because this was new territory. The Congress was afraid of the unknown, as they did not understand the innocent people they convicted for crimes.
Miller uses the play to bring awareness about the wrongful accusations of innocent people in the judicial system. He uses honest opinions to tell his audience his thoughts about the legal system. He also blames the Congress for their arrogance towards the wrongful accusations. Being an arm of the government, it is their job to ensure equality and indiscrimination in the judicial system. They are supposed to ensure that every individual is treated equally despite their ethnicity or skin color. Miller also uses a strong tone to his audience to makes sure that the audience gets his point and take the matter seriously. He wants them to ensure that Congress takes responsibility to make sure that innocent people are not convicted for crimes they never committed. These were crucial times; hence, his audience needed to join hands to make sure that they achieve equality and Congress corrects their mistakes. Miller is not afraid to express his opinions and be honest with his audience.



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