this week is not that fun for you nor me

Anth 130: it’s once of week. there will assignments (like discussion and etc) , quiz and exams (that are not online (i try lol) ) Also you have to study for the exam and quizzes. Also you have to keep up with the class i recommend to do everything before the date due. there is alot of reading to do.
Geog 130: there will be assignments, quizzes and exams. the some quizzes require to watch videos and the othere you have to read. also recommend to finish everything be fore date due
you Have to get An A or B- to the the money for both classes
for this week you need to do for:
6.5 forum 3: evolutionary forces (due on march 6,2020 and also you will have the access to it on march 1,2020)
exam 2 ( please review before you take the exam the due march 6,2020 and also you will have the access to it on march 1,2020)
Geog 130:
EXAM ONE.( so you not do this exam because i will take it in class but you have to fill this (QUESTIONS FOR EXAM ONE.pdf) for me and its due 02,29,2020.
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