To develop a simple card game Blackjack or otherwise known as 21

Write a program for the game in Task 1(Blackjack).
In your solution,
1. You may encode cards as follows (using c# enums)
2. You may use game play logic (algorithm)as given below
a. Deal players and the house two cards
b. Hide the houses first card if not Blackjack
c. Display players and houses hands
d. Deal additional cards to players
e. Reveal houses first card
f. Deal additional cards to house
3. You may write and use methods flip a card, add a card to a hand, clear a hand, get the
value of a hand, shuffle deck, deal cards, etc in the appropriate classes you have identified.
4. You must use the concept of the inheritance, polymorphism, and write polymorphic code (i.e
use of overriding, making base class object behave like child class object wherever
5. You must not ask user to input cards-all the cards for players and the House (computer in this
case) should be randomly generated from the shuffled deck.


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